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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


pro list



that’s SUCh a dead meme


hjasik did really well this game, i’m proud of him

he was almost a “too obvious” townie tho

hmmm should i post more original memes than geyde


Put up those fisticuffs :angry:


I counterclaim Cop. I can’t fucking believe you took all of Simon’s bullshit at face value, and that somebody like him would have the balls to fake a guilty on me.

/vote Simon


Your AtE is showing.


I checked Geyde as innocent last night.

@Geyde I’m sorry, it’s not my fault the wolves have decided to fucking claim a guilty on me for no reason. I imagine Simon will claim it was a “justified FPS” tommorow.


Also it’s a bastard game, Simon has a scumbuddy and it’s actually LyLo today.


As well as being a cop I am an Odd-Night Ascetic Omnimiller, and I have information that suggests an ITA phase will start in 20 minutes.


I hope this will explain why I am definitely, 100%, not wolf.



If you were cop, I wouldn’t see the point behind these additions to the post.
Just for future reference. :slight_smile:


In the original setup, I’m meant to be able to both RB and kill on the same night. But noooo, Marl didn’t like that, so I’m stuck with being almost unable to win unless I kill both PRs one after another.


Because plurality and that scum PRs can’t perform abil + nk which makes no sense from a balance standpoint


I’m Jake from State Farm


Also because meta cleared like 4 people for no good reason.



I mean, it’s not like the game was much better in any case.

2 full village PRs is really villagesided unless the wolves get an early PR kill, which is not something you want a setup’s balance to depend on.

In other words, nobody deserves an MVP title for this setup. Firekitten and Orange only managed to win because they’re exceptionally good at the game.


Like, up against an average wolfteam the villagers literally just win by being villagery, which should be easy as fuck for a villager.


I tried to suggest Matrix6 instead.


And yes, I am salty that my partner didn’t post shit Day 1 and left me trying to PR hunt instead.


Matrix6 is just as bad, there’s a breaking strategy that determines the exact setup half the time.
Just play a Cop13 instead. It’s much less townsided.