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[FM] 2d3 II - Title Game - Mafia Concedes


:game_die: 2d3 II :game_die:

Hosted by Solic & PoisonedSquid


General FM rules.
Prodding will be done after every 24 hours of non-activity. Second Prod will result in force replacement.
Host discretion for what’s considered activity.


Days will be 36 hours
Nights will be 12 hours
Voting is plurality. Majority is not in play until final 3.
The Mafia have one factional kill per night. Any member can perform it. You cannot perform the factional kill in addition to your other night actions.
The Mafia have a day and night chat.

The Setup

It’s simple. Two three sided dice are rolled. The first roll determines the two town power roles. The second determines the mafia power role. Afterwards, you fill with 1 Mafia Goon and 5 Vanilla Town.

Each Setup Possible

Town Rolecards

Vanilla Town

You can’t act at night. You’re still amazing!


You can heal someone each night, preventing them from dying.


You may check one player each night to see if they are a Vanilla Town.


You may check one player each night to see if they are a member of the Mafia.


You may follow someone each night, learning who they visit (if anyone.)


Once per night you may protect someone from kills and also roleblock them.

Mafia Rolecards

Mafia Goon

You aren’t special, but at least you can perform the factional kill!

Mafia Roleblocker

You may roleblock a player each night, preventing them from acting.

Mafia Rolecop

You may learn a player’s role at night.

The Prize

After the game, one member of the winning faction will be selected as the MVP based on a private vote by the players in classcard and a doublevote from each host based on the performance in this game. You cannot vote for yourself. The MVP will be allowed a custom title of their choice that abides by the forum rules.


  1. H_Hjasik Killed N1, Vanilla Town
  2. BlueStorm Vanilla Town
  3. Simon Town Cop
  4. Isaac_Gonzalez Vanilla Town
  5. Magnus Lynched D1, Mafia Goon
  6. WazzaAzza Replaced D1, Geyde Town Doctor
  7. MaximusPrime Vanilla Town
  8. Hippolytus Vanilla Town
  9. Icibalus Mafia Roleblocker


  1. Meteoro
  2. Firekitten


This setup and template was completely hijacked from Marluxion.




/join as town cop


Also shouldnt title game be just mountainous youre basically giving advantage of getting title to those Who roll PR





ew please no


Actually the opposite is true imo

Way easier to be MVP as Cit


Terms are non-negotiable.


was about to comment how its annoying that vanilla townie can be a “power role” but i noticed that this only happens when mafia goon is also a “power role” :+1:


Why can’t a losing MVP be a thing?

Hell, the Champs allow losers to continue on if they’re the MVP. Why shouldn’t we?


Thankfully orange and FK have no reason to have to join this

Which means invariably I’ll be screwed by someone else.




Even tho I dont agree in both cases some rolls of same side have advatage to others due to rng




And I literally can’t because work lmao


i think i can /in at this time


Does the mafia have to give up their action if they have one to preform the factional kill?


Go away cat you already have a title


No u


I have no title