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Flock of wolves - Red wolves win!


may I ask how we won


@DatBird good carry


Yeah I kinda just flew under the radar by saying how I couldn’t win by myself and then

I made the best alliance


well ill hop off your back for now




I was lynched while I slept?




Maybe add PM’s as well


but potion master is a terrible role in this list!


No it isn’t!


Prove it


with SCIENCE!!!



using the velocity of the area of photosynthesis I have concurred with various monkeys and rocks that the speed times the light of the fifth of the universal code dividing by the unknown dimension to the fifth equals the velocity of the space of the nuclearburrito


Very complicated but what works works


what does this have to do with Potion Master?

I need a hypothesis, methodology, experiment, results and analysis



I literally explained it

Do you not understand the velocity of the area of the photo synthesis? Did they not teach you this during school?


They did but you only listed the experiment. There were other requirements


hypothesis:I believe that it would encourage fake claiming trying to ally up over the danger of getting killed.


methodology, results and analysis


results:people started fake claiming and were caught lying. Someone died.