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Flock of wolves - Red wolves win!


A town that has the 50% objective and that og town wants dead


Count votes when less than 10 people are alive before voting >:(


I came back to see a series of quicklynches. Town, why?


If I host this again should I have a 24 hour no voting period?








Quicklynches are how this game is played


5 minutes between each?


If I add roles then which ones should I add?


Also FK liked so many of my posts this game


Parity Cop?


Hecc stop


I had to waste likes pocketing you D:


Like I said the key to winning or close to is to see how much BS town let’s you get away with


they let me get away with a lot


For which faction?


I should have looked more into the lynch targets (specifically Ceta)


Any really


Also is 10 the right number of players or should I do more (not doing less)