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Flock of wolves - Red wolves win!




like different roles and abilties kinda like psycho game


More villagers would be nice


no self voting


I feel the game would have easily broken if every wolf just outted themselves tbh




Missclicked the vote


Well the whole point was D1 villager minority


Village was going to win that if I hadn’t borked that so much


Maybe a vengeful wolf
A love doctor, makes target take one more vote to lynch today.
Hated doctor


Villagers would have fpsed


I dont mean majority
Put a forth wolf but just 4 town is too little space


not really


Vengeful Wolf- pissed he wasn’t invited to a color gang. Act as a wolf, but secretly work with town


like Town should have done what I did

but you know

not be a wolf while doing it


How to win as village is to villagehunt


Actually it wouldn’t. The wolves can’t trust each other to cooperate and one of the wolf teams pretending to be town would make them far more likely to win


A 3 wolves faction that dont know each other :eyes:


Like I did!


Town but with 3?