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Flock of wolves - Red wolves win!


The fact you spent 20 seconds replying to Isaac with your scummate threw me off


Firekitten was lynched! He was the:

Yellow Wolf

The wolves outnumber the town but that doesn’t mean you can stop hiding. Your partner is @Mercenary.

Goal: Control 50% of the votes before any other wolf team does


You thought I was Town don’t lie


Just because I thought Squid was yellow and you fill the rolelist


You gamesolved the game for me

All I needed to do was act like a villager, I knew I wasn’t winning I was taking down the village


@DatBird and @Isaac_Gonzalez have won! Congratulations!


God I didn’t think i could win after Isaac died first


Gg bois


This is what I get for trusting Fk for once


This right there
The confirmed mafia from Lynch 1
Just won


I have deep Cat for a reason

Don’t forgot that


Well that went by faster than expected. But it was enjoyable to host


I’ll probably do it again later but jeez


I told y’all to lynch the Bird, but did anyone listen to me?


Apologies Squid


I just spammed it.


It’s okay, I’m used to the internal pain



  • Would play this again
  • Would play this again but only if modified (reply on how)
  • Hate this. Never playing this mode again

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Add different roles?