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Flock of wolves - Red wolves win!


@DatBird follow the vote on Merc


/vote merc



Vote Merc. They are likely to be yellow wolf because of their vote on Marl.


henlo candy


ok who died and why tf are people sheeping me


Who is your teammate


I’ve no reason to see you as village


this is a very bad lolreaction test


tell me who died and their roles


Why do I need to tell you

Just read the thread


I just hopped in after seeing this topic I forgot about the existence of on top of new replies and I return to see it at 5/10


we got Marl the blue wolf, Isaac the red wolf, and Ceta the Villager


and the other two


I still want to get birb but I was wrong on the last one so
/Vote Merc


They aren’t dead.


so why tf is it at 5/10


Oh shit quickhammer


@NuclearBurrito That’s 4 votes on Merc


I hammered? the fuck


gg on following the guy pressing on someone who was afk
still fall for this obv scum trait as it seems