Fixing Pretender (Controversial?)


Neutral Special

Become King and defeat Blue Dragon (even if you die as King).

Royal Blood (Passive) - Votes to elect you count twice.
Political Ambition (Passive) - You are immune to the first attack, but will commit suicide if you miss your last chance to become King.

Coup D’état (Day) - Guarantee any attack or poison on the King tonight will be successful. (1 use)
Ballot Mixing (Day) - Reverse Decide Fate. (2 uses)

Blood Test (Night) - Check if a player has Royal Blood. (Infinite uses)
Forge Ancestry (Night) - Delete a player’s Royal Blood if they have it. Give Royal Blood to them if they don’t. (Infinite uses)

  • Force Pretender, upon becoming King, to become aligned with the faction of the majority of those who elected them King. Pretender no longer becomes Pretender King, just Good King, Evil King, or Neutral King.

    • e.g. if 1 Blue Dragon, 1 Neutral, and 2 Unseen elect the Pretender, they become Evil King.
    • Ties result in Neutral King.
    • This treats the kingmaking cancer the current iteration suffers from.
  • -Winning no longer depends so heavily on whether there is a living Butler, since you still win after you’re dead unless you became Neutral King.

  • Force Pretender to commit suicide when it is no longer possible for them to become King.

    • This cures any residual kingmaking cancer.
  • Remove permanent death immunity. Give them Inquisitor/Scorned-style death immunity instead.

    • This way they can be more easily eliminated if they aren’t being “neutral” enough.
  • Make Ballot Mixing only affect Decide Fate, and not regular votes. This way it can no longer be used for confirmation.

  • Make Blood Test only detect Royal Blood, and not class type.

    • The current infallible Blood Test is just a buffed Flirt and overwhelmingly Blue Dragon-sided, which is senseless for a class that’s supposed to be neutral.
    • No reason to make faking Princess literally zero-effort.
  • Change Kinslayer to Forged Ancestry: Remove a target’s Royal Blood if they have it, and give it to them if they don’t (Infinite uses - able to target anyone).

    • Pretender doesn’t need to kill their competition, they only need to get elected over them. This allows them to strategically neutralize outed rivals while being counterproductive if used on random targets.
    • It would provide feedback telling you whether you gave royal blood, or took it away.
  • Replace Distract with Coup D’état: Guarantee anyone who attacks the King tonight will be successful (1 use).

    • Similar to Frenzy, but only affects attackers who target the King.
    • Requires the Pretender to conspire against the throne with others.

- Replace Distract with Royal Trollbox (Infinite uses - only usable on King).

    • Now you can get the starting King killed without having to be a killer class.

Hi I’m pretender elect me as king blue dragon and I’ll be a BD king

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Says the Reaper?

Hello, I’m x the pretender. Elect me as king


Removing royal trollbox then.

Also sorry if I sound rude I am in a car right now and I’m just skimming through this to find problems

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This should be a thing regardless of class. If a neutral class can not win anymore they should automatically commit suicide.

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Do you mean passive, or do you mean an assassin attacking you will attack themselves

Can the king become a psycho king?

I meant what Scorned and Inquisitor have, I don’t know if I’m using the right word.

No lol just Neutral.

I think the word is passive

Neutral Killer is the only one to vote in the elections.

Are you saying other neutrals tend to not vote in elections?

I’m saying that there’s a slim possibility the whole court is afk and only the neutral killer votes for the king

Then you become Neutral King, same king that alchemist becomes, and can win with anyone but must survive to the end.

It’s actually meant to help them fake a Royal Blood class.

The problem is it lets them out framed targets and fake royals by accident. Flirt with royal blood test is just too Blue Dragon-sided and there’s no way to resolve that.

That is def a problem. For a class to need fake claiming abilities they need to be able to harm blue dragon enough where they can’t automatically be elected by just claiming pretender.


I replaced the Royal Trollbox with this:

  • Coup D’état: Guarantee anyone who attacks or poisons the King tonight will be successful (1 use).

What do you think?