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Fix Possessor(Too easily counted)



Number 1
Put logs in private logs

This prevents the Jumped Possessor from getting any info and “fake claiming” the class they possessed into. this means possessor would have to quickly fake logs or have to jump again, basically making the only advantage of possess is the fact you inherit a different body.

Number 2
Poss Password

Poss password has not been recently used for whatever reason and idk why, what’s a mastermind/apostle going to do with your possessor password, anyway very simple possessor doesn’t say password this means they are evil, easily caught, and if there is a mystic it’s even easier, the only problem is the one who you said to your password to dies.


I think their should be a rework were the possessor is able to look at the private logs of possessed opponents so they can’t simply hide their logs, there should also be a way were the possessor can see all previous messages of the possessed target, allowing poss passwords to be redundant


Let me raise you this ol’ humdinger:

Possessor is literally at the perfect win percentage right now, as are all of the NKs actually.


except that reaper nerf tho


that one comes with a pretty huge cost to BD, Yeah logs are huge for self proving, but they are also kind of made to be a reference for others to use after the person dies as well, that’s kind of their primary value.


The whole point of Private logs is to be the in game equivalent of physical pen and paper being used to take notes. If you can’t do it to someone’s IRL notebook then you can’t use it as an in game mechanic anymore than mental blur can use giving someone amnesia as a mechanic


Theoretically possible


But until you say how it isn’t going to happen


how about…I have absolutely no idea but someone can do it probably…possibility…


Doesn’t matter. Imperium42 can’t


I’m sad now.

Any other ideas for mental blur?


or drug


Wrong thread



I thought we were in another thread


The second part I don’t disagree with, full chat log of the possessed including whispers I’m entirely fine with… private notes however I’m not. The whole point of private notes, is to eliminate the need for using out of game tools. In town of salem almost any experienced players had notepad or something open to put notes on and copy them into game without them being in the will when they die. Out of game tools gave experienced players an advantage over newbies and there’s no way to prevent that.

If private notes no longer are perfectly secure, then you just bring that back… you give an unfair advantage to people with faster computers, easier skills of flipping between devices etc… Bottom line you can’t stop people from having a perfectly secure place to put notes on… so the dev’s gave us one to ensure those who have it aren’t at an advantage.


Win percentage doesn’t work unseen are in a bad state right now in my opinion, tbh win rate isn’t everything


Win rate is overall strength. It may not be EVERYTHING but it is what determines if a faction/neutral needs buffs or nerfs. Sidegrades of course have different motivations as by definition they aren’t supposed to change the winrate


i agree that Possessor should be able to read all the chat & feedback his target received.