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"First Quote" Badge Bug



Here you go. :^)


You misspelled Badge


I just got it too!


But yeah this is an issue that is a real annoyance, alongside the delayed notification bug




First Quote!



This isn’t part of the quote bug, but I believe it may be related to a similar issue.

The removal of these quotes is unintended and moreover strange


Look it’s me being sad!


In addition, there has also been an issue with delayed notifications.

When pinging another user they received the corresponding notification 30 minutes after it was sent.

This does not appear to be related to the first two bugs though.


the start of the machine uprising


Same happened to me yesterday, but today, the delay was an hour long





oh no I dropped my cup of water


Thank god that comment only has 4 likes, I have a weird recent fascination with recording myself doing voices or reading and listening to it even though I feel like my voice sounds like a boy going through puberty


I was like “wait what???” lol


@Dev-Xblade looks like we’ve got some weird bugs? idk


Gets bot-bashing bat out




You don’t need to know