Firekitten Ask Me Anything

Ask me anything and I’ll answer it. This is totally not stolen.




Was your name once Kitten or am I going crazy?

Geyde changed my name to Kitten temporarily


PTSD flashbacks to that time the Lounge got flooded with AMAs on ToS

how do you think we can improve the wolfing ability of other players on this site?


Actually have mountainous games

And not like 1 in 2-5 months

But they don’t fill

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I have some ideas but a baseline would be stop being cowards and go play on ToS/MU/MS/MAL/wherever else

But I really want to play one

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I’m planning to jump onto MU on the next Mash I can feasibly join.

Literally anywhere for exposure’s sake

You’re already multisite tho

Generally speaking if we have only mountainous at any time and/or do shenanigans (mentor/mentee game), we could very conceivably get one to fill.

Marson has enough hype to fill

Thats scary

Not really. I don’t play on MU anywhere near as much as I should, especially since I’m a fan of the MU meta.

And I really like way you can scroll And ISO here

Whats meta on MU

Saying wolf and villager instead of scum and town :^)

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