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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


so we can only be these? :frowning:


I should be a hero tbh. im one of the best gamers out there


@H_Hjasik join plz


He’s blacklisted he can’t.


The host can ignore the blacklist if they wish to.


oof :frowning:


back to what i was saying about being a hero


i am one of the best gamers btw


also can you guys not be on my back every single game


im surprised my back hasn’t broken from all the carrying


plz make me hero plz am best gamer


I would rather keep people in then just letting a cheater in.

he cheated do you think people will just stay in the game with a cheater :thinking:


That is the host’s choice, not mine :man_shrugging:


that wasn’t my question




also having a blacklist is kinda pointless if people don’t follow it.

it changed nothing as people already had the option to blacklist people


I am pretty sure there’s 0% chance they have all of the 500+ heroes with their variations

But I think eevee made possible of more or less 200.
I’ll be impressed if eevee made more than that.


i forgot how he cheated. what did he do


When did the blacklist happen tho


Erm its in a thread somewhere