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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


Easy to say, very difficult to do.
Paranoia is not a mentality. It is a mental issue.
Me unable to read behind the first layer is… half truth. It might be a poor excuse to not give my everything.


A ghost from the dead wails:
Don’t elect noot king, you will see NK win


Mercenary has been killed!

They were:

The Mercenary

Neutral Support
Looking for Work (Passive) - If your original target dies, you have 3 days to find another or you will die.
Failure (Passive) - If your original target and your new target die, you will commit suicide.
Offer Contract (Day) - You may form a contract with another player during the day (they will not be notified). You must do this for your first contract on day 1, or it will be randomised. - Infinite uses
Stand Guard (Night) - Protect your target from visits, and grant yourself immunity to death tonight. - 4 uses
Rebound (Night) - Kill a player who accused your target of treason earlier in the day. - 1 use
Your objective is to ensure that your target remains alive until the end of the game, your target is [x].
Convert Immune

We couldn’t find any logs next to their body.


*looks at NinjaPenguin *
Got it.

Mafia game. You can ruin it by just being yourself. Don’t be an inactive though. Nobody likes those players.


Also to answer your question cause I saw it but was too lazy to respond, i didn’t see if someone else answered you however eevee took it I didn’t.

spare me


Wipes sweat off of forehead

I-I-Idk what y-your talking about. I am v-very a-active

hides Golden dragon 1 posts


I will. NP told me it was eevee. 'Tis a shame I can’t vote up the GM…

…yeah, good luck pal!


Another Dutch person. :thinking:



What about a Mastermind that claimed Prince on stand that claimed Physician for the Prince and somehow never died the whole game and still won the game lol


or a mastermind that claimed pretender on stand and claimed princess to prince, still gets voted to king due to bd love helping noots


Thanks! I’ll try my best







Plz join us


hOI! Dankje!



YEAH! I’M FREE for now


Lies, kitten. You are still grounded and not allowed to play.



I was never grounded Wut


You are grounded in our heart.


noob noob noob noob noob noob noob nbobnobnobnobnobbnnbnopbnonobnonobnonobnobnobnoobobnbobnbnonobnobobonobnbnnbonbnonobnobnob /join @eevee