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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


I’ll try not to push them till they’re dead, don’t worry


Cough What are you talking about? Choke

Don’t worry, I won’t turn this into R-18 or something like that :eyes:

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Well, lily isn’t here, and she turns this forum from PG to AO/R real quick

So you shouldn’t worry


Really? Sure then. Impress me.
Also, I am 18 y/o, so pretty much nothing gets under my skin. Unless it is events…
*looks at NinjaPenguin and eevee *


To be honest, I often get killed N1 in ToS, so I am kind of already used to it.
Plus, I am participating in two Mafia games, so killing me off N1 is no problem at all.
Just make sure you have a good reason to kill me if you don’t want to get tunneled on next game.


I want there to be events where you analyse posts and work out what scum say. I feel it’s sorta obvious sometimes


It’s on the 7th! 10 days from now


Also, can’t I-- Oh. I can quote! There we go! I was wondering how that works.
Hm… How does this work on mobile though?


Highlight it and click quote


Click and hold on a word to highlight it. Then drag the two circles that come up to encircle the whole bit you want to quote. Then press quote button


Like that


@Zone_Q11 Welcome!
Time for apresentations.
I’m the useless newbie.

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can I please
I keep encountering the like limit message

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gotta give more love


Oops broke my own rule of PG

Man I’m already starting great on this



I bet you 100 nuffies that NP and eevee will see me as a worse player than you.


Lightsin has been shot down from the skies!

He was:

The Physician

we found some logs next to their body.


Man I keep getting this class. end me.
Last time I got on an alch streak, now got a phy streak again.


I mean it’s a simple problem to fix, you just got to be less paranoid and put more trust in your reads

also don’t trust a neutral that claims to helped evils, that also helps

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so what is this and how can i use my village idiot skills to ruin it