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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


I’m revoking your new player badge :^)


You’re a loose cannon twi, you need to turn in your badge and gun


No u



Unfortunately my gun along with badge sticks to my body. :neutral_face:


That’s an easy solution then
pats box next to me


I am new “here”, but as for mafia… well, I suppose I am old.
I am still bad at this game though. @NinjaPenguin, if you don’t vote me right away, I will vote you. :alien:


/vote Zone

ggez scum /s


Btw, did you get kidnapped by Eevee :thinking:


Yeap. Not forced though.


Welcome to our forums.
I hope you enjoy your stay


Welcome to the darkest void of the world, enjoy your stay in hell!


Believe me, aside from the new features from this forum, I can definitely conclude that this forum is not the darkest void of the world. I already found mine three years ago.


/out Sorry, don’t want to join too much and in hindsight it’s not smart to divide my attention this much.



Plz scum reaping solic


Then prepare yourself to be wrong!


This game will probably fill up no problem. :wink:


Especially insanity.

It gets pretty PG-13 sometimes


So guys… How do we initiate newbies again?
Let’s try not to kill them first




We scare them off first :wink: