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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


Or even faking it just to show people they are townsided.


Look at the second post on the blacklist thread


Bump cause only 21er means I need to reduce content.


everyone join or gay




already joined


@Meteoro Last stand!

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Last stand?


should i do this? this feels like a stretch for me.

also we don’t even know what abulities there are, do we?


It’s been months since I’ve touched a FM game, so it’s a stretch for both of us.

also no, don’t think we know abilities.


It’s just added mechanics

There’s no difference in scumreading


Imagine joining games that don’t have an anytime vigilante

This meme brought to you by the CITJR4 gang

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That’s the fun of this! When abilities are unknown, scum can claim whatever they want and potentially get away with it, chaos can be caused, and people need to rely on their reads rather than just ability information.

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scoffs in Drug Dealer

there’s like a 95% chance of that being in here seeing how ridiculous it was in Warhammer

What a beautiful role


You have been converted into a Chaos Mayor


I’d like to think that mechanic would be considered quite Bastard in a closed setup haha.


Did I say it’s non-bastard game?
I think I didn’t.

I promise there are good and bad guys here tho and all the orbs related mechanics are fine.

The roles are open topic tho.

Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled

expects game to start exactly at midnight in eevee’s timezone


You wrote your post 2 minutes after midnight…

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