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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


Everyone except Frost left before that rule got added though.


Game dying before even getting started.


I know, also maybe due to time


Also I’m gonna say this now

I’m not gonna be too active the 8th due to Playoffs. However I will try my best to be part of the conversation. So plz don’t lynch me D1 due to inactivity


if you consider a game dying if it has 21 players sure

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Not a good sign when it had 24 at some point.


But it’s probably better to have some people leave now than having half of players go inactive later.


If this is the new rule, then I have no problems with it. I have no problems with any role.
Plus, “even if” the worst thing happens, getting blacklisted is not much of a problem for me.
…I know that sounds wrong, and I won’t misbehave, but I just want to say it.


I can join again, since I didn’t take into account how fast the other games would finish and when this would start, so if you’ll have me.




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Don’t even know if it’s considered a rule, I was really tired atm

But it’s more just a warning. I doubt anyone here will have issues

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Scum Reaping Solic is bak


Um what? I didn’t got a role.

Holding someone prison for that rule is pretty much forced upon


wait you left just cause of that the rule?


No of course not, I just don’t want FM anymore.

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oh okay


Is the rule relating to the limited replies thing?


There’s no limited replies xblade fixed it

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Ohhhhhh, then what is the rule?


If you replace out due to rage you can get blacklisted (not joking)

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