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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


speaking of
time to resume my alt shutdown process


rip small tank you will not be forgotten




yeah the small tank /in was a joke


The small tank will be a NPC used by scum/town (Not sure which yet) for ITAs or something probably. Or to post dayvig results


Not the hero we want
but the hero we deserve


Yes, but it have 0% chance of ITA’ing someone.




Uh… Sure? Why not.

Hah! Good luck with that!




The small tank has been silenced forever rip

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/remove backup
Not yet for me to sign up yet before finals are over

Nice seeing old buddies still around here c:


Welcome back!

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/abort, chief!


Why do people keep leaving


Nononononono plz

The Pokémon Fiefdom needs you

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Beats me, though marls new rule might be why


What is the new rule?


Tactically replacing out of games, replacing out of games because you don’t like your role, and rage replacing out of games is unacceptable.

If it occurs often or is bad enough, you may find yourself blacklisted for a period of time.

Remember; If you can’t play the game, don’t sign up for it.