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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


gives Isaac’s back to Isaac

There you go, now if I win you didn’t carry me



Hey Zone!
I guess this means I just have to vote you for the entirety of the game even if I townread you?.. I’m not sure why you want me to be voting you lol.

Also wow @Scattered_mind signed up! Nice to see that you’ve found your way over here also! :smiley:


oh yeah scatter probably needs permissions as well.



If a blacklist player joins, the mods call the

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70 players. Nani?


It’s just the max, we have 21 rn


Fuck it, /in

I have no idea what I am on into.


Him? God have mercy.

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There’s been 172ps before


How possible is it to get this to 70 players if people invited everyone they knew


believe in urself fk
you can acheive your dreams

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Try to invite Hippo’s Alts.

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Because regardless of alignment, I am unlikely to improve my gameplay. I am most likely going to be unable to read through the upper layer of others’ posts and think about their reasoning.
So I want you to vote me first to gain my trust. Regardless of alignment. And you only. Nobody else. Anybody else voting me first is going to annoy me.



Signups are up to date now.


Welp I guess if you want it I’ll policy vote you and play the role of in-thread mason until you start examining things for alignment rather than the surface level?
I’m not sure how it will gain your trust but I may as well accomplish something doing this.

And hey, since I’m probably going to be super busy the first couple of game days, maybe I can just try to get you to make good reads with the time you have rather than make them myself.


Gonna stake out for the d1 lynch so I can vote Zone first brb



You better join or I do something to you in school.




Nah man… Isn’t that PG18? It’s not PG21 but PG18