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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


lol nah idk who that is



Look at his posts…

I wonder if anything similar


seriously i don’t know who that is. was he banned? i haven’t seen him in games


its true tho i carry a lot.


Carry a lot of loses? That would break my back as well tbh


if later i randomly just start not being active you know why. (my back is broken)


which part of my back do you want?


i will only give you this 1 game to be carried on. 1 carry per person


Ensure i dont die n1 pls thx


alright you will have to share my back with the 17 other players here tho


I’ll try

smiles with CS in hand



Did you just assume her gender?


No wey


triggering intensifies


Btw, should I get back onto FE:Hero?



Firekitten you better make this worth my while



After cross-referencing with my schedule, I can make a backup work if someone doesn’t replace out on d1.


Hi Free I’m Marcus


How did this happen? We’re smarter than this.


Not sure if it’s a good idea but I can’t not join a FE themed game.