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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


I saw one time break down of fm
Then did it happen again or something?


Guess I’ll find it. Somewhere.


I forgot how tho


Oh. Rip Hjasik

Also 316 heroes my bad


Wait it was in homestuck because we had to re roll


but how?


Dude it links it


Literally just click “Cheating”


oof lol. how is that cheating?


he could have just gotten modkilled :frowning:


Just to say.
If you have 150 roles I would be extremely hyped


It’s a non flip game, meaning if he got lynched the town wouldn’t have gotten his alignment.

So that’s why. I don’t understand much as well, but feel free to as @Marluxion

He’ll make a PowerPoint and present that to you on how Hjasik was cheating


It ruined the game

Cuz it also outted two other people


how tho?


If u read the game, his flip directly outted other people

Im not explaining it

Once another person is affected by someone else doing something stupid, a modkill isnt able to be done anymore

A modkill doesnt save game integrity

All it does is stop further destruction

But when half of the game is already broken due to it, you kinda have to reroll OR can the game entirely


Margaret is making a PowerPoint as I predicted LUL

though I guessed it was marl


I dont wanna discuss about :b:ans
Though I’m a little curious.


I agree, comic :b:and should go to waste


You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Memesky in disguise