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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Signups Thread


Hosted by @eevee and @Icibalus.


General forun rules apply.
No quoting/screenshoting mod communication.
No contacting others out of thread about this game, unless allowed by host.
Be nice to each other.

-Mechanical Information-

  • This game will have 48 hour days and 24 hour nights.
  • Lynches will be decided by plurlality only due to the high number of events.
  • The most important thing to note is this: Players are not assigned explicit roles in this game. Instead, players are almost entirely (small exceptions allowed) composed of Summoners . All Summoners have a selection of heroes.
  • Heroes have a rating (1 to 5 stars) and abilities connected to them. 1 star heroes cannot perform any action while for others - number of stars dictates the power of ability.
  • At any moment Players can exchange Summoning Orbs for random hero rank 1 hero from any avilable Summon focus.
  • Summoning orbs can be aquired through events and specific heroes.
  • Every day avilable Summon focuses will be posted. They contain few heroes grouped under some category (for example: “support roles”, “sword users”, “FE:Fates heroes”)
  • If a player was to receive a duplicate of hero, that hero rank will be increased by 1 instead.
  • Events will be announced at least 1h before start.
  • Scum faction has asigned factional kill wich can be used alongside other actions.
  • Anti-claim mechanics might or might not exist.

Events were created in a way that even less active players can take part in them.

-Example Rolecard-

Askran Summoner

You are a Summoner aligned with the Askran Kingdom You start the game with the following Heroes:

  • Icibalus - 1 star - Weapon - Color - Ability
  • Eevee - 1 star - Weapon - Color - Ability
  • Marluxion - 1 star - Weapon - Color - Ability

You win when all threats to the Askran Kingdom have been eliminated.


  1. PoisonedSquid
  2. Shurian
  3. Margaret
  4. Livicus
  5. GamerPoke
  6. BlueStorm
  7. Lightsin
  8. NinjaPenguin
  9. Luxy
  10. MaximusPrime
  11. PokemonKidRyan
  12. Insanity
  13. Marluxion
  14. Scattered Mind
  15. Zone_Q11
  16. Twil1ght
  17. Firekitten
  18. Isaac
  19. Solic
  20. aa dono
  21. Astand



Where’s the Woomy?



Frick yes


@eevee Do you mind if I advertise this on MU?






also i’m cohosting
somewhat hype :^)


more moderrors huzzah

You’re not playing then?




Is Marl also co-hosting? :thinking:


He is not.

Also go ahead and advertise.




Question. How was in charge of Balance Department?


Me and Icibalus created it, Marluxion reviewed it.


Why did you change the player limit to 70?


Cause I would actualy need to change some events if it went over 70.

Whatever. I don’t mind.


What is the minimum of players?


I didn’t know the first thing about Warhammer besides WAAAGH but that didn’t stop me enjoying it

Don’t know the first thing about Fire Emblem either but hecc if that’s gonna stop me



Man I’m gonna regret signing up for this due to time but fuck it


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Events were created in a way that even less active players can take part in some of them.