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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled


I love that role :slight_smile:



Except here it was healable and scum could get healers easily.


now bye


Nah I was the NK


Damn it, and I thought people would kill you, Marg


Fun Fact:

I was trying for 5 star Tharja so that Livi could openwolf since I knew at least 2 other scum were alive and I could force votes to stay on someone


Only pulls from Awakening Banner
Never pulled from Killing Power Banner


I lost my Takumi to the bomb, but I got a leveled up hero which I also lost that was a 1 star


Cuz a hero isnt linked to a single summoner

I wouldve flipped with no heroes too


I am literally over 500 posts behind.


Sounds about right


Finals week was a bitch


At least it’s over for you.
Still isn’t for me


I wish you luck on any tests you have to do


Gasp! Really!? Oh man! I thought you could read me like an open book for real…


Is this sarcasm


also zone do you do turbo?


Let me roll town here please.

oww wrong chat. Firekitten, the confusion. Aaaahh I can’t turbo.


No it is not.