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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled


Cause all theirs heroes went to Margaret when they died.

That’s why this nk was so strong. Double the orb input and you can get strong very fast.


PKR I just can? Dunno how to explain it


So they were a two-player NK?



Rand scum. You then either know he’s scum or he’s town. I had a correct read on him this game before he even posted.


I am just glad my drawings never saw the light of day



I made the Poor-O-Watch. :smile:


No, I was BD at rolecard there.

I even posted my rolecard. I was saying truth.


Always remember FORK IN THE ROAD.
Pops tires and makes the bad joke at the same time!


I drew that fork one eevee liked, and then this was my submission for a cat stealing the feeling of pride and accomplishment. My first one was really bad but I don’t remember what it was besides that.


Me on really crazy days :slight_smile:


See I thought that was a worse idea than Litten-B-Gone but I’m glad you enjoyed it at least.


Much better than mine.

I can Haz Cheezburger was my solution.


I don’t think this game was scumsided.

It’s just that town vig killed 2 townies.
1 killed instead and scum would be in terrible situation.

I don’t think setup with this strong roles can be perfectly balanced, but I think it was trying to balance itself pretty well.


but it’s not spam :sob:


I had never imagined that you + me vs Marl + PKR would be TvT lol. It’s otherworldly.


I consider pkr scum aiding so he’s a wolf


tbf at least he wasn’t as worse as claiming survivor as Town


If you claim survivor at least push people


I love you too. Remind to dayvig you every single time when i’m Neutral deal? :slight_smile:


I just tried to host one of most complicatrd games on this site so far.

Ask me anything.