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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled


what was twilights role?


If only you had materialized your amazing reads into something like a push, we would have instantly won.

Please grace us with your scumreading genius in the next game PKR. :roll_eyes:


It’s too wolfy to be a wolf for a reason first off

As well, you knew you would get caught sooner or later as ninja correctly named three people who could have shot him and that’s an explanation why scum would claim it.

It’s a fallacy as scum does stupid things as well, itonly applies in certain scenarios and this one isn’t one of them.


They were town attempting a gambit.


You yourself say that you were being wolfy

Don’t blame Town for scumreading you


why did they claim survivor?




Probably should have stopped before the “I am fine with death” reaction test


I obviously was observing and analyze some of the posts, I didn’t make a good work as I could done that much better, that happens.

Although I wasn’t expecting Livicus would be that easily distracted by Survivor claim.


this is stupid

why are we arguing about this


Because we are frustrated town looking to blame everyone for our own failures this game. :smile:


See our scumteam is so good that you’re trying to lynch townies for lying in postgame and still fighting amongst yourself.


/Vote Firekitten

this is scum


Can I just roll NK again.

Actually I get salty af as all alignments

Meeh actually this is unfair as I played poorly too


No, cause killing powers were either preventable or percentage based and other roles were literaly very very strong when leveled high enough.


By the way. In Neutral Showdown was your “BD” claim an inspiration of my 420/10 fakeclaim in this game?


Nah I can get lynched. There’s ways. :slight_smile:


Omg Squid’s house burnt too?


I arso’d him.

Like being tracked to the nightkill. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did better than my last dumpster fire
Ninja MVP by far only flaw was defend me post when I didn’t need it