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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled


Was twi in Neutral Showdown because I could see them trying not to let slip they caught the leak but having actually caught it

And damn that’s a difficult position to be in lol


They weren’t


“You’re a revealed townie”
“Quote that post”
Probably not the best reaction for faking town…


Eh I tried lol


Nah I just wanted with controversial gambit and Town like showing their ego by yelling at me I’m not having same mindset as them.


I know .-.

But I am too confused at that moment.


Shot: Reaction test
Hero can “Win us the game”: Reaction test


Next game I play Town I’m calling myself scum and I will say my scum reads are Towny explain why and push them


'cause of fake host quoting .-.


Claiming survivor as town is unorthodox and fine, but not actually doing anything and pushing anyone is not fine as town. Also not immediately outing lost wolf claims as town is bad too.


Hey Guys, why was this canceled.


Ur scumteam was caught unfairly


I’d pushed Ninja quite decently but nobody wanted to pay attention to it because I admitted I shot him and lied.
Why tf would scum openly admit that? It’s ridiculous town didn’t see that again as TWTBAW.


Why should we see something as TOO WOLFY


I swear I need to openwolf with you some other time it was too good to never do again.

Did you ever make reads off of reactions to your gambit though besides that one Marg thing?


This wasn’t true, because I didn’t say so and in your next post you say that Firekitten fluctuated just as well.

“MADE” past tense, implying you weren’t scumreading him.

Yes, you shadily shot him out of the blue and proceeded to give zero response to when I asked you to explain why you would be scumreading Ninja as is seen in my previous post.

You have such a urge for townconfirming yourself that it looks like you don’t even care about literally anything else in the game. You played this game more like gotta catch em all (heroes).


Facepaws self away from thread
If you and Solic wanna be close minded, feel free.
But don’t be saying that my shot wasn’t motivated for getting rid of scum.
Especially after I’d explained everything.
Your reads were wrong =/= Everyone’s reads were wrong


Fix this
And then everything is fine


Don’t say that Town should see something as too wolfy to be a wolf and it’s ridiculous that you were scumread

That doesn’t make sense and never will


K. So the term TWTBAW doesn’t actually mean anything?
Your post here is logical… In an alternate universe where there isn’t a thread of FM terms