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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled


who does a reaction test on there own scum


Why would you say this if you thought Ninja was scum?? You would say something like, lynch Ninja after me.

“Please miss your ITA mafia”, like this doesn’t make any sense. You were fooled just like the rest and made that shot out of self-survival.


Scummy progression.
/vote Isaac


when ninja did a reaction test insanity died


I was doing it to test what Ninja would say just to add in another layer


Solic death tunnel GO GO GO


Yeah clearly that’s the case I should have post-game end towncred.


Oh and you sure pushed on Ninja after his bad reaction huh? :smile:

At least I can admit to have played poorly this game.


so who won then


still mutters to have done somewhat decently poisoning math and poisoning luxy


My read was right tho, I just wasn’t pushy enough. Maybe people’s words get pushed to the backstage when townies like you and FK don’t listen to anyone else


We won a moral victory but it’s a no contest.


I didn’t reference you though. You played fine. You also caught Livi.


No, you didn’t push him WHATSOEVER. Quote me where you pushed him.


Are we mad at twi

  • Twi claiming survivor why
  • Nah it was fine

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Oh FK remember when you were arguing with me about why likes aren’t allowed generally on my homesite?
Likes were the best thing in this game for my morale as scum it’s soooo nice to get approval and it makes your posting much more natural.
…I think I’ve said this already haven’t I?


so it’s too scum sided :smirk_cat:


If you don’t mind, I would rather to judge myself. Thanks.


“I just don’t do votes much”. You legit played this game like a survivor, even more than Twi did.

“Look I forgot about it, but I’m just letting Math pocket me here, because I sure love to be townread for no reason.” :smile: