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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled


Lmao, called you out.
Seems my read skills are on point still.


Pkr it shouldn’t have soft locked you

how does any of the things you did look townie



more importantly




pkr got ninja for the wrong reasons


Bruh clearly you’re still scum and I’m town idk what you’re talking about. You faked a reaction and my posts were so pure and were my real thoughts >80% of the time.


I was still right.
No matter what u wanna say.
I called ninja out, explained why he was scum and why I did what I did. Y’all too close minded.
Open up and look at the whole picture.


Yeah PKR ninja was Town? What are you talking about


He got me for the right reasons SoD3 was the most alignment indicative moment for me the whole game.
At least the most alignment indicative moment that pointed towards the right alignment.


Insanity is also still the inno child.
Actually openwolfing with you there was probably my favorite part of the game.


they weren’t right

I’m like 99.9% he shot you cause you threatened him


I literally said i shot him because his reactions were scum motivated.



they weren’t


Yes… They really were


They were dude I never react that way as town I just burn them up immediately.
I faked trying to care what they said a bit and it didn’t work and that made me obscenely worried because I could tell that much but couldn’t back down then which led to my posting being really artificial.


He was scum

But you shot for what exactly

Then you FAKED a reaction to seem Town


Why don’t you use these awesome scumreading skills to cast a vote and get someone lynched? :thinking::eyes:



I used a 25% chance to try and save another townie because if you had paid attention to something, you should know common scumreads


Why did you fake a reaction to tell him it’s scum trying to get him to rush

case and point self survival


did the game end?