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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled


So is this a mafia win?


No contest I’d assume. Town probably wins this like 15% of the time and Marg wins like 25% of the time but we don’t know tbh.


this is an scp containment breach


Celeste is NK?


Marg was on a Muspell team with Livicus.




Why don’t you just read the past posts? :thinking:


There was a point in this game where I thought you had to have TMI that Livi wasn’t mafia so I thought it was 4 five-player team multiball and one survivor. :man_shrugging:


What do you think the teams would be like? :smiley:


As I pointed out like as soon as Livi flipped… Yeah


Livicus flipping looked like a neutral evil flip she to two passives

What were there passives


Probably the same passives Marge had?


I had no idea I was just trying to keep ours alive.
Twi was the survivor and I had a good deal of associative reads with Livi. Marl was on their scumteam, FK was only another one, etc.


thx captain obvious


These, but in reverse.


Yes, Marg’s passives are VISIBLE if you read up though.


not reading this chat lol


I also had a passive that I couldn’t be killed at night unless my other scum were dead and an anticlaim that let me steal a hero from one person and give it to another one if they claimed it. Which I never ended up using.
Oh and I was Veronica.


I dunno what they were but their goal was clearly mafia. I don’t know how you read that as NE.

“Your domination”. I don’t think NE needs domination. They need mafia/NK to dominate. That should’ve softlocked me as not mafia since I was pointing out it was multiball :expressionless:


(Passive) You share all your heroes and summoning stones with your sister Laegjarn.

So wait

How did Livicus flip with nothing if they shared what Marg had?