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Fire Emblem Heroes FM - Game Thread - Integrity Breach - Canceled


The message also looked like a hostslip on the defile. That’s why I considered it, but scum Marl wouldn’t have sent that angry dead chat message.


There’s a good chance I would have thought the same if somebody pushing the theory I was revived and turned into scum flipped as town no worries there.


Oh also @Zone_Q11 I’m still 90% sure I have absolutely no idea how to read you I just made something up so that I could pocket you haha.
I think the best way to read you probably revolves around your response to pressure situations, but it would only make you as easy to read as anybody else in the game. You’re too unpredictable to be an easy read generally, though like anybody else you can be obvtown at times.


I totally read Zone right.

Bow before my master reading skills


But you read him correctly by my fake metric that made whatever he was doing this game look townie, right?


wait what

I’m sad now


I would have to see if you made your tonal comment before or after I said





Who was the one who breached the integrities, or are we not gonna know?






no it was entirely intentional to place it in another dead chat and not the thread so everyone can see it



No? They don’t?


This is sarcasm


I really liked when you kept telling me you could see what I meant when it came to reading Zone and you agreed with me.
I think analyzing him from a perspective of tone and why he’s acting insane is still the only viable method, but it’s not an easy thing like I made it out to be and the specifics I talked about were total BS.



He could act Town if he wanted to


Oh wait, did they goof which dead chat they were talking in?

That sucks


Zone can act like an LHF townie as scum really well it’s probably definitely his best mafia skill. He’ll contradict regardless of alignment.


I’m really sad now


I’m somewhat happy knowing this ended early, because I would be mindfucked after seeing Twi or PKR flip town one too many times.


Zone knew how to read me :sob:

never forget the unsung hero of the town