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Fighting “he could be scorned” as fool


Just had a game where I trollboxed two evils coincidentally but both time they got upped I saw the he could be scorned remark popup. How do I go about convincing people they are actual evils and not a scorned to get the exe I need and not left to prince?


is this thread a trollbox

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the original one shows up in the “new replies” section always for me it’s been haunting me for two weeks pelase belp


Honestly, I think the best thing to do here is to say something along the lines of “If we don’t lynch this guy, prince wastes a night jailing an evil we could have taken out in the day time and allowed the prince to jail another evil. The chances of this being fool is slim and I’m willing to bet he isn’t”

just make a really convincing arugment that he isn’t scorned

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I’ve found you can condense that argument (or any argument in a ToL game) a lot and it will be way more impactful, the game is very past-faced and you don’t want people to have to actually think to be able to understand your point.

For instance,

  • “there’s at LEAST 4 evils right now and you worried about a possible fool?”


Get this

Remove Scorned


Sure, right after Mercenary


Remove Fool.

Problem solved! Next. :smile:

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Sure, if you remove him during the day


Remove game

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