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Fighting "he could be fool" as scorned


Just had a game where I marked two evils coincidentally but both time they got upped I saw the he could be fool remark popup. How do I go about convincing people they are actual evils and not a fool to get the exe I need and not left to prince?


Honestly, I think the best thing to do here is to say something along the lines of “If we don’t lynch this guy, prince wastes a night jailing an evil we could have taken out in the day time and allowed the prince to jail another evil. The chances of this being fool is slim and I’m willing to bet he isn’t”

just make a really convincing arugment that he isn’t fool



Get this

Remove Fool


Remove Scorned.

Problem solved! Next. :smile:


Remove game


Scorned is a good class :rage:


Masochist is a good class


Remove a class that has an impactful wincon that incentivizes pushing an agenda

Absolutely disgusting


But fool doesn’t have either of those


Scorned - Gives people reason to more strongly consider evidence, As he’s the one evil that isn’t making an even trade by false accusing. Encourages you to scumread and measure behavior

Fool - Punishes you for reading behavior. Adds “playing just terribly” to the viable strategy pool. Also helps make gamethrowing harder to define. “Oh I wasn’t trying to get myself killed, I was trying to make myself look like I was trying too hard to get killed so I wouldn’t get killed”.


playing terribly shouldn’t really be a strategy lmao


Agreed *shows membership card for the ‘remove fool club’.


It adds more wifom and to lynch and opens more strategies for scum h


More strategies is not always better

In this case it’s directly harmful


How is it harmful


FoL Changes Thread
FoL Changes Thread

What people forget is that playing terribly is clearly a viable strategy considering that I’m one of the most respected FM players on this site :^)


Or maybe you underestimate yourself.




The most agreeable post known to man