Feedback standardization

This should help with the noble. But is primarily to make similar things consistent when possible and cut down on unnecessary information.

Knight/Paladin/Physician/Alchemist/Chronomancer/Court Wizard

for when the ability does nothing:

[x] did not require assistance


after stopping an attack/delaying a death:

You saved [x] from death!

Bleeding/Poison for phys/alch is unchanged.

All Killers

After a failed attack:

[x] Survived your attack!

It doesn’t matter why they survived. If you attack someone and the next day they aren’t flipping (or reaped in the case of reaper) then you get this message. This is only when the attack resolves but doesn’t lead to a death, occupy does not return this.

I’ll add more if I come up with more, or if someone else


What if instead we just got rid of the messages :thinking:

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But yeah as far as standardization goes, probably a good idea.

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These aren’t the problematic messages.

Even if we wen’t that route in ToL we’d probably keep these specific messages

Paladin included? Other than that, I actually like this idea. Noble doesn’t see attacks though, so the last one seems unneeded.

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Paladin has Smite.

The killer’s thing isn’t for Noble.

Aah, okay. But then what’s the killer for? NVM im dumb lmao

Mostly NK.

It means the Killer isn’t told WHY the kill failed


I do disagree, although will concede they aren’t the most problematic

Still, it increases gamestate possibilities by a lot if a “did not require assistance” and “you were occupied” can’t be told apart

Okay, you know that “Gossip” was considered as one of the most useless abilities for a long time?

Also the different feedback for each class is something good for writing logs, so I like it. You can pretty easily catch newbie evils when they have written down the wrong feedback.

The point is that those messages aren’t used to confirm classes generally.

Why is this how we want to catch scum

That’s such a low bar it isn’t fun to do and is just frustrating for new players


This was actually the primary reason I’m righting this in the first place, to reduce situations where this happens.

The noble thing is just a side effect.

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Actually this is giving way more information than the current feedback.

It gives literally no information.

Everyone knows that the player isn’t dead

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Other than that you weren’t occupied of course

Right now you are getting no feedback for it.
With this you could find reaped players, or probably find out why someone survived your attack, if I understand you right.


Right now it’s:

Death immune
Merc shield
None (heal/soul)

With this all 3 of those give the “survived” result.

Reaped players flip when attacked and thus don’t survive, they would not give this result.

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Ah that’s what you mean. Now I see.

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Technically also a Knight nerf, but a Survived result is still sus and worth outing. So it will usually only effect Assassin/CL/NK since they aren’t going to just ask if they were healed.