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Feb Community News


I forgave the now mod for what happened, and even though her feelings were hurt. She hurt a lot people first. She hurt me as well by breaking my trust, and I truly trusted her completely before it happened. I know you are reading this and I want you to know it still hurts what happened, but I still don’t hate you or dislike you for it and you will always be completely and totally forgiven for what happened.


These people should’ve also kept their word and not leak as they agreed not to.


Just wanted to point out that I’m not really part of any group, I’m just looking for answers and really didn’t expect all this, to be honest. Hell, I wasn’t even back in the community until yesterday and found it all happening.

It’s almost 3am here, lol, I did not expect all this like I said. Though regardless of what opinion I have from the answers, I can’t fault you on answering Try, and like I said earlier also, I respect you for trying.

I’m off to bed.


That was referring to Luxx, not you.


I know, I’m not saying everyone making posts is in their group. I know who are and I know you are not.


You know this drama is dumb when I fucking hate it. And Im a damn dramawhore


Emojis anyone?


I hate how much of a harmful knock-on effect all of this is having on the FM community, 2 games cancelled in the space of 24 hours essentially citing the friction here as the reasoning.


cbman was banned but the case was removed from yambflogs
i have proof of this so don’t bother telling me I’m “working against the community” here


Cbman’s ban is still in the yamdbf logs channel. If you look up his name in there, you can find it. It was never deleted.


Considering you are not in the tol discord iirc i would check your evidence again.
I hate that this drama has split the community as much as anyone, but there are rules, and rules were broken. Why don’t we resolve to move forward together as best we can. Those who disagree and dislike the game and/or mod team always have the choice to move on.
I’ve lost friends due to this drama as well. Hopefully things can be resolved later; i support the game and still love the community, and i hope many of you do so as well





That’s sans


i’m stupid then lol
ignore me here, i’m just conflicted over what’s happening here


i have pretty much all the evidence but it’s immature to completely damn the mod team’s actions. I think about half of the controversial bans were justified.

it’s simply the vocal response which I personally dislike, so I’m just going to get out of here for now.

Still think ToL is a great game and you guys are cool on the whole :+1:


accurate assessment buddy :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey is it cool if I put my opinion into this


Unless you have a good reason to, I don’t think we need any more drama.


While the entire situation was unfortunate for all sides, what’s done is done. We all lost friends during this process. However, there are discussions of peace. Our team is trained to act defensively only, so if peace is offered, let’s take the chance.

I’m going to lock this thread, as I believe the topic has run its course. Please don’t open a new thread regarding this topic to ensure peace is actually achieved, which is something we all mutually benefit from.