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Feb Community News


Any screenshot leaked outside mod chat is leaked “public”. Those people wouldn’t have access to that. But as orange said it’s the same. If the word bothers you, she posted it in a private server full of people from the ToL community.


Full of ex and at one time current Guides+


Who did not all have access to the moderator chat.

Hence leaking it.


May not be public but I still leaked it and I’m not arguing that


People in Government are asked not to leak, they still do if they think they have too, for the good of their country.

And considering the issue is, from my understanding, involving Xblade and Ellie, then it’s not easy to speak up about the person you are speaking up about.

You’re right, of course, people should never leak, but they did, and they knew the risks involved, so it sounds like they felt they had too, which implies it was something bad, on either Xblades part or Ellies.

I do appreciate that you’re trying to answer all this Try, and honestly, I respect you for trying, but it sounds like something is being covered up, that’s my opinion. Look at the facts:

Whatever this argument was about, it was enough to make Ellie quit, she wasn’t fired, she quit, which means it didn’t go in her favour. I can’t see a reason for her to be arguing so, at a guess, she made a reasonable request and got denied, or perhaps felt a request made to her was a bit much and her answer wasn’t accepted. There has to be a reason behind the argument.

Luxx is gone too. Two Devs don’t outright quit over something that happened to only one of them, this further implies it was something against Ellie, if it wasn’t why did Luxx quit, she had no reason too.

Two DEVS don’t quit over nothing, SOMETHING had to have happened to have caused them both to quit over it.

No one has mentioned something else I’ve noticed. Cbman, one of the biggest advocates of the game and one of the original players, is gone, why? Further evidence that something happened, he was part of the foundations, he doesn’t just vanish, and since no one even talks about him, there’s a reason behind it.

Whatever happened between the devs spilled into the Guides+. Sides were taken. Judging from the fact that most of them are now gone completely and were “leaking” or didn’t trust Xblade, they sided with the person in the right of the argument.

As far as I can tell, the people leaking are only trying to get the truth out.

Xblade has VANISHED from this topic, he’s left you to deal with this, instead of answering us himself. He’s hiding.

The very words used, that people didn’t trust him, implies he did something to have lost the trust.

This is how I’ve read this topic. I’m not saying one side is innocent and the other is evil, I imagine lines were crossed on both sides, but this is what I’ve taken from this. If I am wrong then I accept that, but I honestly only say this how I am reading it.

Leaks don’t happen for the fun of it. Maybe it’s reversed, maybe it’s Ellie who has done this amazingly terrible thing in the argument, but regardless, there is more than being told.

There is no smoke without fire. Something is being covered up and it just ripped our community in two.


:rainbow::rainbow::rainbow: :ice_cream: :butterfly: :sunny: :tulip::rose::hibiscus: (I mean wow)


To my knowledge, Luxx was a contractor, not an actual developer, and had not been a member of the staff for some time.


If I am wrong about any of the apparent facts that I have taken from this discussion then please accept that this is just how I am reading these answers and that I understand I might be wrong or misreading part of it. I am not advocating a witch hunt against either party either, this should have stayed between them both and not spilled out like this, the very fact that it did also damaged the community.

Those who are in this topic mostly know me and know that I liked the community, I am saddened by this massive lose and drama that has occurred. I’ve listed the facts as I’ve read them to show how it might appear to anyone else who reads it as well.

Obviously it is how I’M reading them and not concrete facts either. So please understand that it might not be the case and I am completely delusional.



This however is a personal company, not a country. If you don’t like the game you just don’t play it. I understand the similarity, but it’s not the same.

I’m not speaking up people, I’m only stating facts. In this whole drama there were mistakes from both sides for sure. And I did tell Xblade about his mistake (the ones Ellie pointed out to me) as well and he did make an effort to fix them.

There is obviously a reason which is not relevant to all this drama. The reason could have ended in dms where it started.

Luxx quit over another argument long ago which is again unrelated to this situation.

Again this is unrelated. It was an argument between Ellie and Xblade.

The server mentioned earlier where lies were spread and even people inside there have admitted to it (and I don’t mean what I misread earlier from Ashe) was full of guides. They took what they heard as facts and didn’t really care to hear the full story.

Google time in Taiwan and you will get an idea why.

People lost trust mainly due to the lies spread in that server or the just the fact he had an argument with Ellie. People that were closer to Ellie didn’t need more reason (and I don’t blame them for that, I’d stand up for a friend as well)

There is no “terrible mistake” really. If there was you can bet people would have jumped on me pointing it out.


You’ve told me many times people have told lies in the server and that we all admit to telling lies but I legit have no idea where anyone has said that we lie. I see screenshots of proof of what went down, I see people heartbroken over what happened. You leaked your dms with Ellie that said that “She admitted to lying” and I don’t see it in there anywhere so pls show proof of what we said that we were lying as I don’t understand what the hell you mean.


First, I didn’t name people and you probably shouldn’t either. Second, that screenshot literally says “Well I’m not exactly gonna leap into Xblade’s defense at this point” to response to me saying “There’s been a lot of lies”. She knows the truth about many of the lies there, but she decides not to say it because she doesn’t like Xblade anymore and it’s quite clear with that answer. She didn’t say there are no lies, just that she’s not going to defend him at this point.


I’ll be honest, I intended to soften the part about Xblade vanishing from this topic, and realise it does sound like a giant accusation rather than just what I am reading, and I didn’t factor what time it was due to him replying earlier.

I retract that statement for these reasons, it’s not a witch-hunt, people just wanted answers.


Hi yes this is Luxx on an alt, my original account got banned/deleted, same as what happened on Discord.

Me and Ellie’s ban messages got deleted from the main server.
Here’s a screenshot of my ban message for proof.

Guides were asked to spy on a server I own that was originally an official Guide+ server, but got repurposed after I left the team.
People started getting banned for telling us about the spying plot.
Lots of us considered this an injustice and got genuinely upset. Insults were thrown, while also retellings of evenets that has happened.

A lot of people got demoted due to screenshots being taken out of context, or for voicing their opinion in what they thought was a safe area.
The latest demotions seems to have happened just by associating with the chat.

One of the people who shared the screenshots from this server, and got a lot of her friends demoted or banned, is now a moderator.

I hope this is the explaination people wanted.



I maintain my stance on you being able to do whatever you want to do as the owner of a privately held company and I have huge respect for the game you created, but I urge you to try and bring the people here together and not divide them. In spirit of full transparency, I also do not understand these harsh punishments for “leaking” whatever that might mean.

On my previous comments, I hadn’t realized the magnitude of this restructuring. I fear the forum games community on here might not survive a multitude of people leaving and that is heartbreaking and frankly unnecessary I hope.


I’m making a copy of every post on this thread for future reference in case something goes sour / quickedits are made.


I have as well


You and Ellie literally rejoined after all the drama intentionally to get banned and I got proof of that as well.

That was in the heat of the moment and was one of the mistakes Xblade did make in this. Even if guides were personally targeting him and shouldn’t be guides at that point, they should never have been asked to do that. There was an announcement towards guides today apologizing for this mistake.

Insults were thrown before all this started and there were retelling of events that did not happen as well.

Disrespecting someone is not about a server. If you don’t respect someone, you don’t respect him anywhere. The argument “it was my personal server” is not valid. If your boss saw you disrespecting them on twitter/facebook or any social media they would fire you.

Because as you said injustice had to be shown. People have been spreading a lot of lies, disrespect and hate in there.

P.S.: Using an alt is really not ideal, you’re banned for a reason, you got the rest of your group posting/liking every post already.
P.S.2: I do have screenshots of Ellie at least saying she joined to get banned and make Xblade look bad, feel free to dm me if you really want to see them, even though I know you know that already.

(Edit: said “you” instead of “them”)


I want to thank you for keeping this in a public thread and allowing us to discuss this, even if things got a bit heavy every now and then. I hope all of this is somehow resolved, eventually.


In addition, when you found out about 'the person who is now a moderator", you decided to send her a leaked screenshot from mod chat to make her “change sides” due to something being said against her in there, which you also knew would definitely make her sad. When it didn’t work you banned her from your server.


If there’s no other question I’d say we’re quite transparent now. If there is more, please make it a bit quick. It’s pretty late here and I’ve been answering questions for quite some time now.