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Feb Community News


This is where I got the inactive Ashe from, a mod in TOL. He was also a mod when she was demodded unlike you at the time


That reads “was also”.


Okay I see


Tf is this a rip-off off the council of idiots


It was a personal argument between them, not connected to the game directly, so it should have stayed in dms in my opinion.


You were in the server for awhile dude :joy:


Yeah, but as I said, it was post-demotion, so it doesn’t really function as a reason to demote me in the first place.


I got banned almost the day I joined


Tbf I was super excited that day


Ya and you banned me from yours lol, here let me add you on discord and we can fuck around there


You had already taken screenshots of multiple messages in mod chat which you posted publicly later. You could have easily posted them in dms before demotion. Taking screenshots of mod chat is not something you do without any reason.


I technically left the council of idiots cause I needed to let it die


wonder what happened to it

boss is like 99.9% the leader now


I explained why to you already but for the people watching at home, it’s because I didn’t want anybody to go back on their word and pretend they never said something they clearly did.


So you just said people were saying lies from your side just so they could get unbanned (no I don’t mean simple). Thanks for confirming that.


How did you reach that conclusion?


:rainbow: :rainbow::rainbow:


I misread one part. Sorry. That reason is really not convincing though. Especially since you clearly posted this later publicly. You could have easily posted it privately prior.


Actually “In public” is a public server like The TOL Server. If she posted it in a private server it is not public


Leaking things from a truly private server to anywhere else is considered leaking them.