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Feb Community News


Try, why was I banned then? While others who did leaks to the same degree get a warn and a spank
I can’t discuss it with anyone, you hardly are going to check my appeal and when I attempted to discuss my ban with xblade I found myself blocked


I am not really a part of this whatsoever, so it is not really my place to speak up, but I do wish to speak up, because I have fondly visited this site, played in its forum games and played Throne of Lies for a long time with pleasure.

I think this PR crisis should be handled behind closed doors and everybody needs to calm down a little bit. If you are not personally affected by this, I would also say to let the involved parties solve it amongst themselves (slight hypocrite I know :smile:) Pitchforks do not come from nowhere, so concessions are in order likely. Trust was broken, but hopefully this is as reversible like the occasional balance decision that turned out to not benefit the game.

We are all here, because we love social deduction, but not everything should be treated as a war of words.


I didn’t say all demotions were for leaking, please don’t twist my words. However, since you’re so defensive about it, I know you did leak and I don’t see why you out of everyone is so defensive about this. I have at least one screenshot of you posting mod chat in that server.

Also to everyone please calm down with the questions, I have two hands and I also have to get the proof ready in case people ask for it, plus I hate the forums system and don’t like scrolling through messages to answer one question. One at a time would be great. Thanks.


Post it
I can’t recall posting anything from mod chat there (at least pre demotion)


Can’t really say what would be right or wrong there.

On one hand, yes, of course, it should have probably remained private.

On the other hand though, it would depend on what the argument was about, if she was justified to tell people because Xblade was seriously in the wrong regarding something.

Without knowing what it was actually about, there is no easy way to form an opinion regarding it. I’m not asking for it to be leaked though, just pointing this out.


Your appeal has not been reviewed yet because of the whole drama thing. The reason you were banned instead of just demoted for it was because you straight up lied about it while others at least admitted it. I don’t know if you will be unbanned or not, I think the bot lets you know if your appeal is rejected.


Can confirm apologies go a long way towards getting unbanned


I didn’t lie, I was caught in the moment
My “leak” was small enough I forgot about it
I meant nothing by it


Anyone who knew the people effected are also affected, in my opinion, these were our friends. But I do agree, it should be civil.

We appreciate that.


You told me Ashe is an inactive mod and that is why she was demodded. Now it’s leaks :thinking:. Also I remember her answering me and anyone fast if anyone needed help on the wikia. She would also fix the wikia to any recent update the game had very quickly. She may have not always been on reports to my knowledge but the wikia takes a lot of work


Ace pretty sure there’s more to this but they are trying to stop drama


I’m aware of all the information that has been provided FK


In that case, I’ll make sure I let Xblade know about this.


We’ve never even talked about Ashe as far as I remember, what are you on about? I also don’t think I’d have said she’s inactive because she indeed does fix the wikia.


Everyone keeps saying “leaks”. I’ve no idea what was being leaked. Were these leaks justified?

USUALLY the answer is NEVER, of course, but like I said above, if it shows someone was doing something terribly bad, then perhaps the reason why it was being leaked should be addressed. There is always a reason why someone leaks things. Usually it’s to call attention to something being hidden from people, typically something that’s wrong and shouldn’t be happening.


Sadly this entire topic is pretty much guides+ so I’m not sure how much I can actually say about it





My apologies I confused you for Davos, you two act so similar lately it’s hard to tell you two apart at times


The answer is never because as I said everyone who has access to those chats is asked to agree they will not leak before accessing them. If something that bad happens, people can speak up about it in there, Xblade has always listened to volunteers whether they are guides, judges or mods. If however something happens that you think is wrong you can just step down and not be associated with what you think is a mistake. After all, you can help the community without having a position.


I did dm her the screenshot, I’m not going to leak mod chat as well. (I didn’t see the message thanks for reposting)