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Feb Community News



I do not wish to name someone, but that is said inside the said server. You can probably go look for it or dm me if you wish to know who said this specifically.


dont make this some orwellian shit
my brain is already microwavin’


I couldn’t find anything but idk if that was meant to be a direct quote or not

edit: can confirm this happened now


It’s not about “blind belief” I’ve corrected Xblade multiple times and he has admitted it too, but there was a lot of leaking lately from people who clearly didn’t show they were against stuff openly. I think other mods can confirm I have always been open about disagreeing with Xblade’s opinions at times, but leaking a chat that you’ve agreed to not leak just because you disagree is false.


So nobody was demodded over just not agreeing? Is that what you are saying? Interesting


I wasn’t there, I can’t say “THIS IS RIGHT” or “THIS IS WRONG” but I don’t see all but 4 mods, most of the Guides and 2-3 Devs doing that to the community and game they helped create, at least not in such simple terms.

I do clearly see that you are trying to explain without just outright telling us, but when you look at it from the PoV I mentioned, it’s pretty hard to swallow.


If you can’t agree to trusting someone you essentially work for without pay too and not leak something you have already agreed to not leak I’d say it’s a fair demotion.


I don’t think anybody is disputing that breaking contracts by leaking mod chat is not worthy of demotion.

If they are, they’re wrong.


I understand if you leak something important, yeah you deserve the demotion. But not blindly trusting someone does not mean they should be demoted. But if you are saying all said people did both what did Robin leak?


That’s the thing though, most mods (myself included) didn’t leak anything, and didn’t claim to not trust Xblade. Marl got demoted for basically just being on a server, I got demoted for wanting to talk about the demotions already going down. It certainly isn’t a good look to claim that all the demotions happened for those reasons when they clearly did not.


I don’t. At the end of the day, demoting someone because they don’t blindly 100% trust you implies that you don’t trust them as well.


All this started from a personal disagreement between Ellie and Xblade which should have stayed in dms. However, Ellie decided to block Xblade and talk to people about what happened. People who then started spreading lies about Xblade for stuff they disliked him for which led to all this you’re seeing now.

Ellie did actually not spread lies as far as I know, but others in there did for sure.


I don’t believe Ellie ever blocked Xblade, though I could be mistaken.


Daily :rainbow: to keep people happy

Carry on


She did actually


Even I knew that? And I know nothing about the situation lol


Implying I have memory


I have already answered why Robin was demoted, I won’t answer the same thing over and over with the same question being phrased differently.


Who cares about blocking. I tried messaging Xblade asking for help on something and just to find he blocked me :man_shrugging:t2:

Edit: It sucks when the one active dev that moderates has ya blocked