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Feb Community News


Pardon me, Mr. Sheriff, but we have to keep our eyes on the Cult as well :latin_cross:


I’m pretty sure they mean this @Mercenary


Can we stop the off-topic stuff please? Thanks.


This is what I mean though, there’s no specifics, so people just think what Xblade is saying applies to all of them. I’m glad to hear though that you don’t believe she was trying to destroy the community.


You know the Mastermind?

It’d be much appreciated if you could tell something–anything about their whereabouts. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’ll stop off topic stuff here.
My read of the situation is that this conversation won’t end well.


Sorry. Does help to lessen the tone of something in its nature, quite hot.


Don’t bother. I don’t want to be community banned when I’m in two good games.


Yeah…people are trying to have a serious conversation here to be honest. I don’t know why most topics in this forum end up hijacked by offtopic stuff.


I guarantee you it is an attempt to defuse the situation.


I also know more then some people but im gonna stay neutral and not cause drama because we dont need anymore of that owo.



Idk what you are talking about we are clearly all rainbows and flowers here




“We want answers”

Also people

“Let’s spam so the people can’t give answers”


this doesnt hinder ones ability to give an answer what


More like “let’s spam so the people seeking answers laugh instead of getting mad”.

Also there’s only seventy posts in this topic. That’s tiny.


The answers will certainly lead to more drama, people are going to be angry by the questions and answers as evident in the tone of their posts. Feel free to give answers but for now I’ll spread rainbows


Post lock in 3…2…1. No further questions folks. Have a good day :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smirk::crazy_face::grinning::blush::beers::sunglasses::rage::rage::grimacing::kissing_heart::wink::nauseated_face::grin::grin::beers::beers::weary::smiling_imp::clinking_glasses::wink::cry::sweat_smile::cry::slightly_frowning_face::smile_cat::imp::slightly_smiling_face:





If it’s about this @Mercenary, on another server, she -among other guides and non-guides- were disrespectful towards Xblade (the personal attacks part). While this might seem like it’s nothing to some, when it’s about volunteers and you’re working for someone who doesn’t pay you and you don’t respect can anyone guarantee you can actually do your job right? As for the “working against the community” part, some said “I wish to watch it burn, but I would probably be banned instantly” when referring to the server and other similar things trying to involve the community in a personal drama that could be handled in dms instead of a whole server.

A guide that doesn’t tell people who say these that this shouldn’t be done and instead supports them clearly doesn’t really care about the community.


Wait, what? Who said that?