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Feb Community News


my favorite class personally is Peter Griffin

his roundhouse kick ability can instakill all evils in the game


The only problem is that it kills everyone else too


It has begun




he lives


I saw some of this coming, part of the reason I left Discord, some of the mods showed major favouritism, people getting guide over those with more knowledge/experience and a few other things. Mods at times showing blatant disregard for the rules themselves but enforcing them on others.

While that might not be what the “new information” is, it sounds like it was part of it. So I hope this restructure helps.


All guides earned their rank. I also made sure people would at least hear a long lecture if they tried to bend rules. So no, it’s not about that, people didn’t use rules in their favor, it’s a completely different issue.

Last, there’s a lot more than knowledge and experience that a guide has to have. You need to be able to co-operate with people especially with mods since you’ll have to work with them. Let’s not make this post about why you didn’t become a guide though, shall we?


If you think the reason why I had that opinion, which is an opinion shared by others too, is because I never got Guide, then you are sadly mistaken, however, let’s not make this post about why what you said is not 100% accurate, shall we?

Or do you like trying to start arguments with people who have differing opinions now?


Ladies pls
Don’t fight in the news thread
If you want to argue take it to DMs


Yeah I see people being banned and demoted every day. So your justification for that is because they are dramatic?





Why do you think I am fighting
I am doing a legit question. I want to understand what is happening and I am not attacking or provoking anyone in any way. I asked if he is doing this because of drama cause thats what his answer to me was and I want to be sure if that’s really it.


The topic could get messy very easily
I understand your question, and I have it too, but it does say in the rules to take crap like discussing bans and stuff to dms


also, its easy for someone to misconstrue someone else;s innocent asking as something more provoking, which would not be good


Its so sad to see the community split over some drama.


Or in other words: It is sad to see a community


What? You do realise that half the main users i talk to are split on what happened.


Yes. I’m not disagreeing


He’s saying communities always spilt right @NuclearBurrito