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Feb Community News




Problem is, it’s been made public, but no reason was given other than “drama”, which seems rather underwhelming considering the mass bans/demotions/firings, so people will question why the community was just ripped in two. Especially when you’ve people like Robin, who was one of the friendliest on the server, posting that she quits because she was being unappreciated and that her health is worse because of it.

Then you get rumours, which makes things worse, “he said, she said” stuff goes around, which causes more drama, instead of just explaining why it happened, since it was impossible to hide it anyway. The discord logs showing “working against community” on well known and liked people just add more fuel to the fire.

So really you can’t fault people for questioning because everything that’s happened since is just raising more questions and curiosity, rather than having a decent explanation then requesting that the matter be dropped and move on.


nah, nah, I understand. It’s all a bit fishy, but if you dm a mod/dev about it, they’ll probs tell you. That’s what the rules state anyway. IIRC


You’re a Throne player: 1-sided information is dangerous, if you’ve been talking to one of these demoted people. We don’t ban people for simply being dramatic.

We ban for leaks, personal attacks, raids, and borderline illegal activity to purposely damage the community with all the intention of doing so.

We have nothing to gain for randomly removing these people. It was not done lightly and it was all part of a single conspiracy with proof.


This is a privately held company with its own policies and they don’t necessarily have to be 100% transparent about everything, nor justify every decision that they make in my opinion.


It’s true, yet we’ve been transparent about every decision we’ve made for the past 2 years+ since even pre-alpha. We may be the most transparent game dev company out there. Even moderation:

I feel that we deserve somewhat benefit of the doubt due to our allegiance to transparency.


Good points


As far as I’ve seen, some demotes came out only because said people were talking to who you had an argument with, be it the serious nefarious thing you say or don’t I don’t think Robin, Mercenary, Marl and some other users EVER did something against that community. If so, some of that proof would gladly be taken. I don’t even talk to show it to the public, but hell, people are getting “you know what you did” as answer for asking about the actions against them.

Does not look like “leaking” is so wrong when this side here also had some to start doing the bans, right? I mean, does not seem like every guide+ would share to you they are “working against the community”


Can we calm down plz


I don’t see cap spam or name calling? People are just asking questions :man_shrugging:t2:


Yeah it is fine rn, but I can sense a bad thing coming tbh.


as long as it stays civil


It is all fine for me, well


Likewise, I don’t see how some of them could be working to destroy the community, Robin especially was one of the friendliest there, she even sought me out when I left as she was concerned.

You’ve just asked us to give you the benefit of the doubt that these people who helped build the community and were the heart of the community were, in fact, trying to destroy it, with 0 evidence shown. Can’t push you to do that but all it does is create more questions.



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I’d like that cookie.


I don’t think anyone said Robin was trying to destroy the community. Some indeed were warned with their demotions for that reason. Robin was not. The said people with the one sided information keep pushing on her demotion because she is actually a genuinely nice person and people think Xblade demoted her over the drama. The mods were sent a big message that was was pretty much “Do you trust me or not” from Xblade. That said, Robin herself can probably confirm that she did in fact not fully trust Dylan for a long time which led to her demotion. No one is saying she’s not the friendliest mod we ever had or that she was trying to destroy the community.

I think Marl still remains a forum mod. And could you please specify which Mercenary? There are like four of them demoted for different reasons.


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There’s two categories of moderator now?


That’s always been something I’ve thought should’ve been a thing, but never has been.


Thank you, pardner. :cowboy_hat_face:

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