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Feb Community News


Hope your 2019 has been awesome ~ some news:

  • Ellie/Armae have mutually made the decision to step down due to internal disagreements between us. Thank you, Ellie, for all of your contributions to the game since 2016. Under extreme pressure, she still delivered numerous additions to the game, forged an almost-perfect balance, and proactively molded the game to its current state today.

  • ^ While this may leave balance to slow down as we catch up (I’ll likely form a balance panel later with transparent decisions), this shouldn’t affect bug fixes, stability, and quality of life updates. As always, bug fixes and stability come before all.

  • After heavy consideration, there has been some restructuring of the Guide+ roles after some new information came to light. We appreciate everything contributed in the past and your credit will remain. We believe this change will bring about a closer and stronger community ~

  • We may have a new armor coming up ( I’ll tease it later in Discord @ ), so this will be my first test since Ellie usually does the armors ~ we have a guest 3D artist, this time! Let me know how you like the armor, when it comes out. Wish me luck! :shamrock:

  • I’ll have a new patch out soon™ with all the recent changes mentioned in v2.1.1a – just need some transition time and we’ll be back in business!


New information coming to life has anything to do with the first said disagreements? A lot of people lefting at the same time is not any usual


I mean the whole thing isn’t usual in the first place.


Most were removed, rather, unfortunately. TL;DR: Over-the-line work place drama in the background.


I technically know about the situation, I will remain neutral about it.


Wait shit. I’m alchemist, now how am I supposed to vote with NK when you least expect!?


That’s disheartening to hear. I hope you will have little trouble making up for their departure.


Armae was an alt for ellie?


and will you now be doing patches xblade?


No, the slash is not really fortunate there, but they are different persons as far as I know.


I used to do some of the patches a while back – I can do it again :stuck_out_tongue: she had a better CPU for building patches.


I feel like CPU just affects speed of building.

So itll be fine.


im still a little sad at how the playerbase has lowered massively.

having entirely new gamemodes was something i wouldve looked forward to if the playerbase was consistent


Hmm? We were in the Jingle Jam charity event in 2018. Our pop boosted an insane amount.


i have not played since then.
so guess thatd excuse me.

i still want the game to succeed. even if its more on the casual end for my tastes.

making the game simple is cool tho. it allows newbies to not be so confused.

but would you ever think of making a more competitive mode which would have:

  • limited feedback (abils which are reliant on feedback still have theirs.)
  • the readdition of visit prevention (imo. MM and Poss got a nerf while butler and drunk were buffed with the change of this making it occupy all visitors)
  • possibly a return to immune chipping hh if above classes are occ immune (hh is a poor man’s butler if it doesnt remove death immunity)


HH instakills assassin’s tho




Yes. Rich man’s butler



Yeah and Ellie was an alt for Xblade who has been Luxxs alt this whole time of course.

This game only had 1 dev