Favorite Videogames

first, kinda like that one thing fk did way back when, this does have a purpose, but im keeping it secret until it comes up.

please reply to this with your favorite video game of all time,
and the video game youre most likely to play in any given session

(like, the most likely answer if you see a video of yourself sit down to play a video game, and have to guess what game it is)

to start with, ill go first.

for me it’d have to be tf2 and Baba Is You

Honestly, I don’t play games consistently.
I try new things constantly, but right now i’d have to say SCP: SL

smirks in Australian.

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NCAA Football 14
Mount and Blade Warband


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Favorite Game: Persona 3 FES
Most Likely to Play: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow six siege
Any given session: minecraft

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Add me? :thinking:

Kingdom come Deliverance
ToL :eyes:


All 3 :man_shrugging:




nooooooooooo :roll_eyes:


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Got it


Morrowind maybe.

Haven’t played any video games in a while.