Fall 2019 School Schedule Sharing

Hey everyone,

I’ve seen this done on other forums so I thought I’d start it here, for those in school willing to share their tentative Fall 2019 course schedules. I’ll start.

Thermodynamics and Fluid Fundamentals (4 credit hours)
3D Dynamics (1 credit hour)
Marching Band (2 credit hours)
Jazz Band (1 credit hour)
MatLab (3 credit hours)
Intro to Aerospace (1 credit hour)

Total 12 credit hours

Uh I’m taking senior design lab plus the lecture for 4 credits. It practically my 9 month final project for college where imma make a game with my friend. 3d modeling and 3d printing for 3 credits. Advanced gamed design and production for 3 credits. Creative writing for 3 credits and an undecided last 3 credits for 16 total. I would know I registered them this morning

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What major are you?

Game design and Production at Brexel

Yeah i googled game design and production and drexel showed up right away haha

lol classes

ENGR 400: Cooperative Education Engineering (0 credits)

That’s my whole schedule

What company would you want to work for in game design if you could work anywhere?
My friend’s dad works for epic. That’s pretty much the sole connection I have.

ah co-op
imma do one of those. not for a little under a year tho.

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It’s honestly a joke that this is zero credits


at my school co-op doesn’t count towards degree requirements either but for all intents and purposes im treated as being full time.

An Nintendo one preferably. Retro Studios would prob be the best since it’s the closest and I have some cousins in Texas. But anything AAA where I can have fun.

Also on coop now. Making a mobile game all by myself code and art wise for the medical department

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Auditioned Choir
Intro to Culinary Arts
Economics and Personal Finance
Honors English
Academic Physics (no honors, only academic and AP)
Multivariable Calculus
Academic US History

Nice, i took culinary arts in high school

next year im taking linear algebra and differential equations at the community college, so thats fun

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I also did a lot of dual enrollment senior year of high school
really valuable


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