Fake-Claiming on Trial

Say you’re heathen paladin occupied n1, and you’re randomly VFR D2, apparently you can get banned for claiming princess in that scenario but that seems pretty dumb to me. Who came up with this rule and what is the reasoning?


Ok I may not be the best with the terminology but one whats VFR and why would you fake claim there

Voting for roles. You’d do so here, so that you wouldn’t get vigged by an Inquisitor.

VFR is a practice done in ToL (which still has trials) in which someone is voted up for a trial, gives their claim, and then (in most circumstances) is pardoned.

To answer your question: in ToL (obviously in FoL things are different) fakeclaiming on trial as BD is considered punishable as gamethrowing because in the vast, vast majority of cases it’s a bad idea, so just having the guideline be ‘you can’t do it’ makes it much simpler.

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Actually, it’s great to sometimes claim a different investigative class, because you can catch others out in other things then. Claim Princess and they claim a killer/offensive, when you saw them visit a dead person as Observer for instance.

If whoever got banned for that, I would definitely appeal in my opinion.

Don’t fake claim on stand as BD.

I think what we’re seeing here is a difference between ToL and FoL meta. In any case, fakeclaiming as BD in ToL is typically only punishable if it happens on the stand or in jail (though obviously exceptions exist).

i don’t make the rules. Fake claiming as BD in jail (not in link tho) or when you’re already on the stand is illegal.
If you don’t want inq to know you immediately, snipe your fake claim in before you can get upped, and avoid getting duped by VFR. if you do get upped, you have to tell the truth, unfortunately.

On the stand is ludicrous though as his example completely applies, because heathens are informed.

And whoever handles reports know that they are heathens. :thinking:

In jail, it’s a nobrainer obviously.

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If this is the rule, then this should be added as an exception to that rule in my opinion, because you’re playing to your win condition here to lie…


Oh yeah, in that case I see no reason why that would be punishable, thats trying to save your butt. Like ur lying but ur lying to save urself from inq. Especially in the situation presented where his results didnt really matter. Like you could just mention its a heathen game and ask for some type of invest to watch you to catch the inq, yeah thats slow and not pushing game forward for BD trying to get cultseen that much but stops a blood thirsty inq which is apart of the neutrals that does you harm bit of the wincon

i agree, but currently the exception does not exist and it remains reportable.

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So this is a completely valid thread to discuss that that rule should be amended then?


It’s called Throne of Lies after all. Why should all the Blue Dragon be good scouts as long as they play to their win condition. :wink:

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If you claim Princess on stand, you probably will have to fake logs (especially investigative logs) for that. You don’t only risk to get yourself executed for that needlessly, but also fellow BD. Also claiming heathen is not the worst thing in the world, you can be protected on various ways. Giving BD false information instead will, most of the time, lead to more problems for BD than your own survival will help BD.

Yeah, but not recognizing that something is not optimal (debateable) is not the same as gamethrowing aka banworthy.

And Inquisitor’s attacks are unhealable, so that just leaves a Knight spawning yes or no, so yes it’s risky.

In this example, they’d be occupied N1, so the logs would actually be exactly the same.


he did say he was occupied, so the logs should be pretty straightforward

Like yes it could, but if they for instance get jailed or mystic chatted, they could easily tell the people with the highest power whats actually going down safer. Its a risk, but if done well shouldnt harm BD at all

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In addition, if it wouldn’t work out and they would get executed, their logs would give out their complete information, so in all cases it’s positive for them to fakeclaim here.

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Also I too have 500+ something hours of ToL experience and have successfully used this in the past.

Not on the stand luckily I suppose! :smile:

So I wouldn’t say it’s turbo specific, but I can agree that this type of strategy would be more succesful outside of turbo, but to say that it is even punishable to do so is just limiting and locking in a meta in my opinion.

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I am fake claiming myself as BD quite a lot, but lying on stand or in jail as BD is considered as gamethrowing.