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!Factville! !Factville!


All a part of my plan…


Fact 1: CaptainNerbins pfp is box trot spy
Fact 2: Boss110 pfp is spycrab
Fact 3: Marluxion pfp is Apollo Justice
Fact 4: you can tell that i am run out of idea
Fact 5: i add this for extra GP


Fact 6: Insanity might quit forum and discord one day.


But we’ll miss you :cry:


But no one would be missing me, right?




I doubt so.



You are now hired for saying a fact!!!

Also pls no leave


You can leave if you want to, it’s not our choice. While we definitely will miss you, if you want to leave, we won’t hold you back.


Have you been hired? I forgot! Oh well you’re gonna be hired if you haven’t already


BTW this Factville is dead :frowning: but there is a new Factville so respond there instead of here


Fact: that one is dead too


Fact: this was revived


Fact: One day a mod will smite you for reviving threads


“Fact”: Negative reinforcement is less likely to work than positive reinforcement.


Fact: reaper noises



Your soul has been reaped