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!Factville! !Factville!


Fact 6 - If you possess someone into a Butler then the possessed player will be occupied.


Nerbins. Duh


Might as well promote @Firekitten



Since you made a fact joke you will be hired as a broadcaster

(since we kinda don’t have anyone to be a broadcaster…)

You will gain 165 GP per a fact joke


Note: none of this gp will be given :^]


Yeah it’s fake GP


GP: Get Played


Fact 1: There is a cool Mario game that you should sign up for on the forums right now!!!

Fact 2: I got paid to say fact 1. And ironically I am getting paid to say this to!

Fact 3: Pizza is great!


Alright boys, we need to think of a real currency to pay our employees. I’m thinkin’ wood chips.


I will accept compliments


Meh, that stuff’s for valued employees. We have slaves here.


Wat if I trade in wood chips for compliments


How about likes?


I like this idea


So you have been promoted to Spectacular Broadcaster! Enjoy!


I will also accept likes


Crunching a piece of cookie in the background.


gross, crunchy cookies
cookies are best soft and chewy


Notes it down in the notebook.
Takes out another cookie and chews on it.


@Nerbins @Firekitten @NightX @Pug @NuclearBurrito

We are getting poorer than ever :frowning_face: so that’s why everyone is getting promoted to Co-broadcaster and why Nerbins will be promoted to be another boss!