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!Factville! !Factville!


What is my salary?


Uhh 100 gp aka 100 dollars




Per a fact

You gained so far 600 gp since you have 6 facts (unless I missed one)


Pretend I’m smoking a cigar like a stereotypical editor, even though I don’t smoke
Alright, sonny, you gotta learn how to do proper negotiations. 100 per post is way too much, kid. Take it from a veteran like me, champ, start with 10.


Did you know that some of us will love to have you guys in the #roleplaying?
I will take care of you guys! I swear it won’t hurt too much… Ehehe…


I have enough role playing day dreaming at night thank you very much


Are you roleplaying now?


Top 10 Obvious Anime Facts:

  1. Pug is a virgin
  2. WolfyKidRyan is the only ship PKR should be in.
  3. Sans from Undertale is not overpowered, get your fucking brain right kid.
  4. Pug outing himself Day 2 is the best play ever
  5. Being converted into a loss sucks
  6. Nerbins has a target on his back after saying he hates the hentais.
  7. Pug is a very very sad person. He could’ve had a really interesting life but he is wasting all of his potiential (not here tho, here is cool)
  8. The dab should be banned everywhere
  9. Nerbins is actually Drake
  10. Pug is actually Sans and is also Ness


You passed your interview and you’re now a broadcaster! You will get 100 gp per a fact enjoy!


Fact 1-Icecream is how a physician heals someone.
Fact 2-If someone bring up something that happened a month ago or more you know you won the argument.
Fact 2- I actually get paid 99 gp a fact


Thanks for the 3 facts you get 300 gp

( aka 297 according to my calculator. Why did I use one because I have no time thinking about math :slight_smile: )


Why did I make this?



!You have been promoted to special broadcaster!


Did you know Mario Smoking Weed is canon according to Shigeru Miyamoto


Can I? I wanna be part of the audience!


I CC pug claim.


GJ Nuke you got yourself promoted to special broadcaster!


ToL fact time:

Fact 1 - Knight does not stop a CoD from killing his target. A King guard however does.

Fact 2 - Butler’s Party is great and all but the inquisitor and sometimes the Sorcerer will kill him anyway.

Fact 3 - If a possessor sends a knight into his own target who is a Hunter then the Hunter will detect no attackers. (Lazy bear)

Fact 4 - If a possessor sends a Hunter into the knights target while the Hunter is bearing then the Bear will not do crap to the Knight’s defend

Fact 5 - If a possessor is killed the same night he jumps then his target will die too but not be possessed. This kill will bypass healing and both the Possessor and the person he killed will have the possessor’s deathnote.


Hey, kid, you got potential here,see. How’d you like a pay-raise of 150 GP per fact? Also, who’s Drake?