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!Factville! !Factville!




at least mods can’t, i don’t believe


That would be breaching our privacy, right?


Maybe. The point is my name is Clay. !Factville! is over for today.


That rhymes.


Hello, everyone! Welcome to today’s "!Factville! !Factville! Since no one else seems to be broadcasting this anymore besides me, I’ll give a mixed bag of news.

  1. Icibalus hosted an April Fools bastard game. It was… interesting to watch.
  2. Yesterday was Autism Awareness Day, which I forgot to address.
  3. Nerbins finally won his first ****ing game of ToL. He was an alch and yolobombed a prince that was luckily getting healed. And killed the mystic who I made friends with while linking minds. I still won though.



Where is news for !Factville! !Factville! ?

Do you want to quit you’re full time job?


No um here it is
Fact 1. There has been so many forum games today.

Fact 2 (probally). The earth is actually a hexagon

Fact 3. It is hard to think of facts




Fact 1: This list contains 4 facts

Fact 2: The answer to the question “Do you want Tea, Coffee or water?” Is clearly yes besides when it is no.

Fact 3: No to No = Yes unless you are talking in english.

Fact 4: Fact 1 is wrong and thus is not a fact.


That’s a paradox sir

-Takes out a futuresjak looking watch-shah
Yea we shjhave a person violatingdjsa inter galactic rule ERROR-Code 183629294-
Permission to capture the offender? Yes? Assassins In The Palaceznz 69!’
Okay sir your going to have to come with me


Fact 5: Little did you know but there are only 470 galactic rules


Yes I know this

You have no proof I edited it because I am a superior galactic agent.






Read my post


I did wat?


Wat you talking aboutzsxnsl


Fact 6: Firekitten.exe has crashed


@NuclearBurrito since Nerbins hasn’t hired you, you have been hired!!!