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!Factville! !Factville!


@Firekitten You’re hired! (Also I sort of like Danganronpa, but not as much as Ace Attorney. Does Avatar: The Last Airbender count as an anime?)




Wat I do?


Have you ever heard of the word “janitor”?


A.a role in frost game that no one liked

B. A person with a broom


Guessing it’s B


or an op mafia role in ToS


That too, but Kiten is never competent, so I wouldn’t go with that.


I am chuckling at all these… :3


Hello, everyone, and welcome to todays: !FACTVILLE! !FACTVILLE!


Player Profile:

  1. Nerbins changed his pic again.
  2. Insanity watching League of Legends reddit triggers his PTSD.
  3. Hippo came back, on the Day of the Fool no less… hmmmm…
    That’s all for today’s Player Profile!


to be honest, this spy-crab pfp i use was meant to be april fool joke and i plan on change back later, but i don’t want you to change you pfp agin so i might keep use it thought (how many time you change you pfp by the way?)


the spy crab is fitting tbh


I changed my pic cuz I forgot where the original art is.


I changed my pic cause everyone hated the orange.

  1. CaptainNerbins is actually Clay!


If my email I used for this forum wasn’t any indication.



No one can even read others email acc. .-.


I know, but I assume the higher-ups on the forum probably know the emails.